Analyzing Driving Data, Visualizing Drivers Behavior

​​Flare Analytics is device-free cloud based platform analyzing Driving Datas and visualizing Drivers Behavior.

"Smartphone X AI"

​​Apps integrated with Flare Analytics SDK to collect Driving Data.

​Intelligence built on 20,000 Drivers Data through Flare Ad*. ​

​Flexible integration to create any solutions.​

*Flare Ad is car-wrapping advertising platform developed and operated by Flare Inc.

Case Study


 Disatracted Driving

Prevent Disatracted Driving and car accidents by monitoring and blocking smartphone usage during driving.


​Fleet Management​

​Device-Free Fleet Manage System using Smartphone App integrated with Flare Analytics instead of expensive GPS devices.


Car Insurance​

​Telematics Insurance ,Usage-Based Insurance,Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance and others based on Driving Data provided by Flare Analytics



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